Saturday, November 19, 2011


                                                     ENGLISH BOND

This bond consists of alternate course of headers & stretches.In this arrangement,vertical joints in the header courses come over each other & the vertical joints in the stretcher course are also in the same line.

                                                      FLEMISH BOND

 In this arrangement of bonding brick work,each course consists of alternate headers & stretchers.The alternate headers of each course are centered over the stretchers in the course.Every alternate course starts with a header at the corner.                              


foam generator manfacturer india said...

which bond is best among Flemish and English bond..manufacturing of clc light weight bricks/blocks machinery in india

Akash Gautam said...

flemish bond is more attractive than the english bond but english bond is stronger than the flemish bond.Thus,go for the flemish bond if you stress more on the decoration purposes and if you stress on strength more then certainly go for the english bond.

Arun Shankar said...

@Akash: Though conventionally English Bond was advocated as superior, modern earth quake resistant techniques like confined masonry prefer flemish to english as the number and thickness of joints are more regular in flemish. (Refer IIT K website, esp. the book of Tom Schacher)

neha khan said...

flemish bond gives more pleasing appearance thenenglish bond

Aiyeman Ahmad said...

thank you Akash bhaiya and all commenters for these knowledge gaining information, it will help me more in my tomorrow's CM exam.

Leslie Lim said...

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